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Modern colourful art  brushstrokedetail in green and pink.jpg

Bold, contemporary art to captivate you and bring colour to  your home


Are you after some big colour and movement for your walls?  Something to inspire you... energise you... or create stillness?   I may have just what you're looking for!

Contemporary Art Kate Rochester RainSitu.jpg


Framed Contemporary Art Kate RochesterRumble.jpg
Contemporary Artist sitting on floor looking through sketchbooks.JPG

My expressive paintings will bring you timeless joy.

Nourish your soul in the rich layered surfaces. Meander around the playful compositions and colour combinations. Follow the inky washes and sweeping brushstrokes to settle on the intense juicy bits!  
I aim to create a unique investment for you that sparkles your imagination and compliments any space in your home or business.  I love painting with spontaneity and want the energy to burst from the canvas but also bring you a sense of calm. 
My process is rooted in intuitive painting. I use acrylics to allow me to be experimental and dynamic portraying the freedom and fluidity of the sea which is my inspiration.

Framing and Commissions

I hand make my own frames from found and preloved wood, wherever possible, repurposed to give a simple, aged feel that compliments the painting.  Knots, flaws and patinas add to the unique quality of each piece. 
If you would like a similar version to something you see, please get in touch.
Woodwork studio with tools on a bench framing in progress. Moden colourful art in foreground.jpg
Close up image of corner of a framed painting showing detail of aged wood full of character
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